Saints will have it’s UK premiere at Open City, London,

It’s announced that Saints will have it’s UK premiere at the London ‘Open City Documentary Festival’.

‘The Toxic Circle’ receives support from Creative Europe,

The upcoming documentary series and film directed by Daniel Lambo and co-produced by Lambo Films, received development support from Creative Europe. We’re aiming to start production in fall of this year and to release the film and series in fall 2017.

‘Our City’ has been successfully launched at IDFA,

The film ‘Our City’, directed by Maria Tarantino and developed together with Klaas Boelen and Maarten Schmidt, had its world premiere during the IDFA Amsterdam. Getting some good reviews and positive reactions, the international career of the film is definitely launched. The film will premiere at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2015 in Brussels, and will be distributed […]

‘Dance with a Bullet’ receives support from Screen Institute Beirut,

‘Dance with a Bullet’ has received support from Screen Institute Beirut. The editing of the film is planned to begin early 2015 in Lebanon.